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With a new lifestyle, The Faith-Driven Entrepreneurship Lifestyle.

What we offer

We educate in business startup, entrepreneurship vs. solopreneurship, launching & growing a business, marketing and advertising.  As well as collaborating and bartering services. By providing mentoring, classes, seminars, webinars, podcasts and workshops all about faith driven entrepreneurship, family support, and starting, launching and growing a business.


New businesses are started everyday the traditional way. Let’s try a new way. Speak to God first, PRAY OVER YOUR VISION. Equally importantly (meditate) & listen for God’s response. Before investing in your vision financially.


There is this saying that the dream is free and the hustle is sold separately. In order to survive as a solopreneur or in entrepreneurship & business. FAITH & PRAYER are a must. As well as educating yourself in branding, marketing & building a solid foundation.


Set Goals & As you accomplish them. Reward yourself! Despite the size of your accomplishment. Like Beyonce says” I dream it, I work hard, I grind ’til I own it…” Now it’s time for you to SLAY…. 

Need advice?

Do you have questions about starting or running a business, marketing and advertising, building a social presence, branding, and or would like to be featured as a guest on my podcast.

E-Products & Articles

When chasing your dream and following you vision. You may have questions or need business and or personal insights. This should answer some of your questions and give you insights from my experience. As well as other successful entrepreneurs experiences. If you don’t see a topic you’re seeking, contact me.

"Prayer is the Key, Faith unlocks the Door."

My story

I’m a Mom & Founder of Millennial Bosses™ is an Entrepreneurial community and lifestyle that encourages faith driven entrepreneurship , positive business vibes, and business tips. Millennial Bosses™ motto is Pray. Hustle. Slay.™ Combining my visions, I’ve created a Faith Driven Entrepreneurial Community & Lifestyle for Christianpreneurs, Entrepreneurs, Solopreneurs, and Creativepreneurs. With one common goal, To put Faith Before Business.


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